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PhoenixOS GearOS v2.0 PUBG Edition

This project is done with the support of my Discord Friends. So, Thank You guys for all of my Discord Members, And Thanks to all of you for visiting this page to check out GearOS. Among Discord members, these guys are the best buddies who have a big heart to share their knowledge to me.

  • Blacklight MG (Jyothish Kumar)

  • Abstergo TV


  • LocalBoyz (Abhishek Tiwari)


PhoenixOS GearOS is an unpolished clean mod of PhoenixOS. This version is focused on the performance of games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and some essential stuff. This version does not support COD Mobile. I'll try to make a COD Mobile version & a 32-Bit version.

System Requirements

  • SSE4.2 Supported CPU

  • OpenGL 2.0+ Supported GPU (v8) / OpenGL 3.0+ Supported GPU (v8.1)

  • 2 GB Ram

  • 8 GB HDD free space


  • Removed All Phoenix OS VIP Ads.

  • Rooted System with SuperSU

  • Added Xposed Installer v3.1.5 & Xposed Framework v89 (x86_64).

  • Added ViPER4Android FX v2.7.1.0 & FX Driver v2.5.0.4

  • Added Easy DPI Changer v6.0.3 (Support 4K-FullHD Display).

  • Added Simple Reboot v8.1 (Fast Reboot Function).

  • Added FX File Manager Premium v8.0.1.0

  • Added LSpeed App v2.0.9

  • Added GLTools (Latest)

  • Added Performance Tweaker v2.0.1

  • Removed Default Phoenix OS Apps like CZ Feedback,CZ Novice Help, CZ TextEditor, DeskClock, Default E-Mail, Exact-Calculator, Stardust Browser, 360手机助手, Baidu IME, iQIYI, 云电脑, 日历 Calander.

  • Added Google-Based Apps like Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Calculator, Google Calander, Google DeskClock, Google PlayGames, GoogleInstantApps, Google Text-To-Speach, Talkback, Google Wallpapers, Youtube.

  • Added Google App v10.49.11.21, Updated Google Play Store v16.4.25 & Google Play Services v18.7.19

  • All Google apps Updated to the latest versions.

  • Added Chrome Browser & Chrome Switcher (Switch Google Chrome View to Desktop Mode or Mobile Mode).

  • Updated Android System WebView v65.0.3325.144

  • Updated Calander Storage v8.1.0.

  • Added ANT Plugins & Services.

  • Fixed Wi-Fi auto-connect issues.

  • Fixed Bluetooth for some Broadcom device.

  • Fixed Mouse Acceleration Issues.

  • Fixed Unreal Engine Issues.

  • Fixed Mic and Sound Issues.

  • Changed Start Button.

  • Changed Bootanimation.

  • Changed Cursor, Default User-Picture (Thanks to NSD | Skyline for providing the logo) and Default Wallpaper.

  • All Apps are Updated till 09-04-2020

  • Added 5 kernels. (4.14.15, 4.12.0, 4.13.5, 4.19.7, 4.19.50)

  • No “compiling resources” issue on any version of PUBG mobile.

  • 60+ FPS Pre-Unlocked. (Smooth + Extreme without any GFX Tools)

  • Fixed Texture Issue After Landing in PUBG Mobile

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract The RAR File Using WinRAR / WinZip / 7Zip

  2. Install all the software included in the required files folder

  3. Create an EXT4 partition using MiniTool Partition Wizard

  4. Mount That Partition using ExtFS File System for Windows

  5. Open Grub2Win

  6. Click Manage Boot Entries in the bottom

  7. Now click add a new entry

  8. Choose submenu in Type

  9. Give 'GearOS' to name

  10. Click edit custom code

  11. Copy all the things in the grubcode.txt file

  12. Now paste that into the grub2win custom code TXT file

  13. Save & Close it

  14. Click OK Now

  15. Click apply & OK

  16. Now Restart after applying the settings in grub2win

  17. Choose GearOS in Grub2Win EFI menu

  18. Choose First Kernel for first boot (important)

  19. Now You Can Change the kernel after the first boot

Keep Gaming!

Download Links

OS with all The required files and Grub Code



  • Android x86 Team

  • AbstergoOS Team

  • Chaozhuo Technology (PhoenixOS Developer)

  • Andro Tech Team

  • Paragon Software

  • MiniTool Software Limited

  • WinRAR Developers

  • PowerISO Developers

  • David Pickens (Grub2Win Developer)

  • NoScopeDemons (Skyline Mod Devs)

  • Discord Members

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