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Can't Root The Phone With Any Softwares? | Here's The Real Way to Root Any Android Phone

Many People Have Phones Which Are Not Supported By The Root Softwares Like KingoRoot, vRoot, Dr.Fone Root etc, And Many Peoples Don't Trust Them Because They Install Bloatware To Your Phone While Rooting To Earn Money, And Here I Will Teach You How To Root Your Phone Using Magisk Safely. This Process Requires a Basic Knowledge of Android Phones, Because You Are Going To Patch The System Files of The Phone. I Need To Thanks My Friend BlackLightMG (Jyothish Kumar) for Teaching Me This Lesson

Advantages of Magisk

  • The Safest Rooting Method In The World

  • More Things To Do Than a Normal Root

  • This is a Systemless Rooting Method. So You Don't Have To Worry About Any Damages to Your Phone


  • I'm Not Responsible For Any Bootloops or Any System File Damage

  • You Need To Find The Correct Stock ROM For Your Device

  • This Will Void Your Warranty

  • This Will Delete All Of Your Personal Files, So Doing a Backup is Recommended

Required Files

  • Magisk Manager

  • Stock ROM of Your Device

  • A Computer

Download Links


  1. Copy The Magisk Manager APK To The Phone And Install it

  2. Look Inside The Stock ROM, And Find The Image File Called 'boot.img' to The Phone's Download Folder

  3. Now Open The Magisk Manager App, And Click On The First 'Install' Button

  4. Select The 'Select And Patch The File' Option

  5. Select The boot.img File For Patching

  6. After Patching There Will Be A File Called Magisk_Patched.img In The Downloads Folder. Copy That File To Your ADB Platform Tools Folder

  7. Enable OEM Unlocking Option in The Developer Option

  8. Reboot Your Phone into FastBoot Mode (Power Button + Volume Up)

  9. Now in The ADB Platform Tools Folder Press Right Click With The Shift Button.

  10. There You Will See The Refresh Menu With A Option Called Open PowerShell Windows Here, Click That

  11. Now In The Powershell Menu Type - Start CMD

  12. Now CMD is Appears in Your Screen

  13. Type - 'fastboot OEM Unlock' Press Enter

  14. Your Phone Might Request You To Confirm OEM Unlock, Press Volume UP to Confirm That

  15. Type - 'fastboot devices' Press Enter

  16. Type - 'fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img' Press Enter

  17. Type - 'fastboot reboot' Press Enter

  18. After The Phone Boots Up Install The Magisk Manager Again

That's All Your Phone is Rooted

Best Root Apps


  • BlackLightMG (Jyothish Kumar)

  • XDA Developers

  • Topjohnwu (Magisk Manager Developer)

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